Open Research Data

On behalf of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, the ORD Unit implements the Swiss National Action Plan for Open Research Data (ORD) and serves as a representative for Open Science topics.

Action Line D2.6: Develop and disseminate discipline- or data community-specific codes of conduct with regard to ORD

Open Research Data (ORD) plays a pivotal role in advancing scientific knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting transparency within research communities. However, the effective utilization of ORD requires the establishment of robust codes of conduct tailored to specific disciplines or data communities. These codes of conduct serve as guiding principles to ensure the responsible and ethical use, sharing, and management of research data.

First Call for Proposals Codes of Conduct


The ORD Unit of the Academies is launching a call for up to four Codes of Conduct for open research data with a total value of 120,000 CHF. The Codes of Conduct are intended to serve as guides and reference frameworks for specific disciplines and data communities in the field of Open Research Data. Applications are possible until 31 May 2024.

Call is open!